Vintage cottage decor cabinets make much nicer dollhouses…

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Once designed to organize dvds and cds,
these dollhouse themed cabinets are
filled with furniture and dolls in our
downstairs nursery.

        When I first spied these tall, narrow cabinets, obviously intended for the storage of dvds and cds, the first thought to enter my head was… How awful for home decor but how extraordinary nice for doll play! And isn’t that often the case? Something that gets marketed for one thing that it doesn’t quite look right . . . can become a perfect fit in an alternative venue. I mean, this designer should have been employed by a toy company!

       What I love most about these cabinets is that when put together, they look like row houses in San Francisco, where I once lived long ago. 

       The paint needed sprucing up a bit so I brightened the colors and repapered the interior shelves to look like dollhouse rooms.

       These particular rooms are the perfect generous size for 1:48 Scale or quarter scale; this being the furniture size that I chose to work with on this dollhouse project. I could have opted for 1:24 just as easily but the rooms would have felt over-crowded and the decorations limited. 

       If readers find a cabinet or two like these, and plan to give them as a gift to a little person, 1:24 scale may be a better choice for a younger child’s play dollhouse. In this scale they won’t need as much furniture and durable, wooden peg dolls (1-3 inches) could live inside the ”vintage look” rooms very easily.

       I will eventually include photos here of all my updates to these doll townhouses room decorations and furnishings. 

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