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 Wading On The Beach by Abbie Farwell Brown

I like to go a-paddling
Upon the squishy sand,
And holding up my dress, to see
How close I dare to stand.

A little wave curls very near,
Another laps my toes.
Ugh! How the sudsy foam is cold!
Ah-oo! How fast it goes!

And then I see a great big wave
Far out to sea begun.
His greeny head peers up at me,
He roars, “You’d better run!”

So then I turn and scamper back
To get beyond his reach,
But my! How fast he chases me,
Careering up the beach!

He splashes all my petticoats
As wet as wet can be,
And then he slyly creeps away;
And people laugh at me.

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