Craft a Clothespin Bride and Groom

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Clothespin groom and bride.

’70s bride Suzanne and groom Dave look like they’re ready to plunge into marriage. He wears a white coat with tails and a coral pink bow tie. The bride wears a short veil, a simple string of pearls, and a full-length lace gown, and carries a multicolored bouquet of tulips.

Support list:

  • Wooden clothespins
  • Acrylic paints: black, white, flesh colors
  • Chenille stem for the doll’s arms
  • Lace appliques for wedding dress
  • Ribbon for the groom’s tie
  • Yarn for the couple’s hair (optional)
  • Small ribbon flowers for the bride’s bouquet

Step by step instructions:

  1. Paint the groom’s tuxedo pants black, his coat white, and his cape in flesh colors
  2. Paint the bride’s torso and legs white, and her head flesh-colored.
  3. Tear off the cotton balls and roll them to a layer over the stem of the chenille for the arms of the clothespin doll. I attached the bridal arms right away because I chose to paint them. However, I wrapped the cotton-lined, lace-covered arms of the bride for her dress. Then I glued it in place.
  4. Cut the arms to size and stick them directly into the two holes on either side of each pin. Make these holes with a sharp nail or nail.
  5. Let the glue dry.
  6. Using a needle and thread cut and form small strand wigs for each doll or twist and loop cotton batting into ropes to stick directly over the heads of clothespins.
  7. Paint the cotton wig any color you like, if you use this option.
  8. Cut collar for a tuxedo bridal coat.
  9. Paint his tie and tie the same color.
  10. Attach the small corsage to the left lapel.
  11. Paint the tops of his little shoes on the swatch black and the rest of the swatch white.
  12. For the bride, sew a mini veil with hot glue over her wig.
  13. Roll layers of lace from the tip of her feet upwards along with a generous amount of glue to secure this skirt applied to clothespins.
  14. Glue the extra lace around the collar, too.
  15. Sew a lacy bouquet holder and mini flowers with hot glue.
  16. Then glue the bouquet onto her wire hands if you don’t want to misplace them at the end.
  17. Dot on a small white pearl around her neck.
  18. Draw the features of the doll’s face using the tip of a pin dipped in paint.
Detailed photos of the bride, Dave, and Susan.

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