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Features of this book:
50 beautiful hand-drawn Christmas and winter houses on a white background!

  • More beautiful details! More adorable whimsical items! Easy, but not very simple. Detailed enough, without being complicated.
  • 50 mini fantasy dwellings to choose from and color the festivities! Also on the pages are lots of Christmas-themed items, decorations, flowers and a few winter-themed creatures here and there!
  • 50 hand drawn houses on a white background. Each page in this book features a Christmas or winter themed fantasy house. All backgrounds are white and inside the frames so you can add the color of the sky or keep it as is.
  • Separately printed designs on white paper: Small dwellings at Winter and Christmas are each printed one by one on the right-hand pages.
  • A glossy, festive and winter-related book cover.
  • Large type of print (size – “letter”) themed fairy book: The page dimensions are as follows: in inches (8.5 x 11.0 inches) and in centimeters (21.5 x 27.9).
  • Recommended for high quality art media, such as crayons or soft pencils, oil pastels, and not overly wet crayons. Please, place a blotting paper under the illustration you are coloring, to prevent any color leakage.
  • This Christmas and winter themed coloring book will be a great addition to your book collection; For a festive gift or for your video reviews and records!
  • Illustrations within frames, thick fonts, and white background.
  • There are no duplicate pages, no duplicate pages.
  • There are no broad lines, not too broad lines.
  • It does not fade, shade or fill in areas of black ink.
  • There are no screw links and it is not perforated.

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