Ming and Mei-Mei dolls by Yolanda Bello

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Ming and Mei-Me porcelain dolls.

Ming and Mei-Mei are the second brother and sister dolls paired together and designed by a porcelain doll artist, Yolanda Bellol World of love group Sold by Ashton-Drake Galleries in the early 1990s. The text describing who they are and what they do that comes with the Certificate of Authenticity reads:

“Today is Ming’s first birthday, and it is the day that eastern legend says he will determine his future. On the boy’s first birthday, his parents wear new clothes with bright colors, and he wears a special round hat. His mother puts on ‘Ming’ (which means ‘clever’ in Chinese) in the middle of a table on which several objects are placed. Family members watch to see which object Ming will reach for first, because that item will determine the boy’s future; “Ming’s choices are abacus (businessman), trowel (builder), and brush and palette (artist) . Everyone, especially Ming’s older sister, May-May (pronounced May-May, meaning “very pretty”) is excited to see what Baby will choose. When Ming reaches for the paintbrush, Mei Mei is overjoyed, shyly raising her hands to her face while laughing at her brother’s choice.

What profession will baby Ming choose on his first birthday?

Mi Mi, Ming’s older sister’s name means “very beautiful”.
“It has always been my goal as a puppet artist to celebrate all the children of the world
Introduce collectors to the customs and costumes of other cultures in which children participate
among them. I hope World of Love will do this in a special way
which you will appreciate! Quote from Yolanda Bello

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