How did you decide to name your doll?

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When 800 children were asked why and how they came up with the name for their doll, 521 gave the following answers:

  1. The number one reason to rename a doll or just name it… 199 children said their doll was named after a friend.
  2. 87 children said they chose their doll’s name because they thought it was pretty or fancy.
  3. Fifty-four children said they chose the name for their doll because the doll sounded like someone they knew by that name.
  4. Thirty-five children said their doll was named after a story they had heard.
  5. 33 children said the doll was named after the person who gave it to them as well.
  6. 34 children said their doll had no name at all and was called simply, Dolly.
  7. 21 children said they always give their doll a new name, not the one that came with the doll.
  8. 20 children surveyed said their doll was given a name that described a quality they thought their doll had. The name of the doll was not a typical noun but an adjective such as: precious, patient, sleepy, etc…
  9. 9 dolls have been given exactly the same name as their owner.
  10. 6 dolls are given a name after the place where they received the doll.
  11. 5 dolls are named after semi-fake.
  12. 4 dolls have purely fictional names.
  13. Two dolls that had very “ugly names” because they were so hated!
  14. In two cases, the dolls were named after the materials from which they were made.
  15. Ten dolls were given formal christenings with their names.
  16. Sometimes the dolls bore the same last name.
  17. Frequently renamed dolls rarely seem to have distinct personalities attached to them upon further discussion.

How to name a doll…

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