A Special Doll for Christmas

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The queen that costs a dollar.

In the 1870s, a woman and children from the farm come to a frontier town for Christmas. the The mother wanted her children to have a beautiful birthday, which they will always remember. She had little money to buy gifts – a suit for the boy and a doll for the girl. The doll was supposed to be as beautiful as the queen.

But it was too late to find a very special doll. Christmas was only a few hours away. The two stores were sold out. There was only one other place to look – a small music store. There sat the doll of their dreams – the Queen of Queens!

“How much is the doll?” the mother asked.

The shopkeeper did not reply immediately. He was thinking: “It seems only yesterday that this mother was a happy and kind schoolgirl and I am her teacher. Then she didn’t care. Times are hard now. She’s afraid she can’t afford the doll. I will. Let her have it for cheap.” He said to the mother: The doll is one dollar.

Mother pushed gleefully. And she placed the doll joyfully in the arms of her little daughter. The baby named her Charlotte Ann.

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