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If the dolls could talk, they could tell all about themselves – where they came from and how it happened – oh, they’d have a lot to say, without a doubt. Now this doll may tell us whether it is from England or Germany. Sometimes it looks as if one day she might have been drinking tea in an English garden. Then again it sure looks German.
Her hair is styled exactly as Shepardson’s favorite great-grandfather’s cousin, Evelyn Millyard, used to do her hair over eighty years ago. It lies flat on the crown of her head and ends in thick curls at the nape of her neck. Small curls roughly resembling sideburns are swept forward at her temples.
The colors in Evelyn’s calico dress are somewhat similar to those in a paisley shawl. The main color is a kind of brick red with a little bit of blue, black and white.
Deep pink Evelyn socks. There is a beautiful design running on the front of each storage. Her high lace-up shoes are made of blue leather. There are little blue tassels on the shoes.
Evelyn must have spent a lot of time outside because the skin on her hands looks just like brown leather.
She is clearly fond of flowers, as she has picked a small bunch of wild cherry blossoms.

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