Assemble pretty pom-pom cakes for doll parties…

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I used recycled masking tape dispensers, felt, pom poms, beads, chenille stems and a hot glue gun to put together these fun mini party cupcakes for 18 inch dolls. This is such an easy craft to do!

Above is a chocolate pom pom cake seen from the side and above. White pom poms are
It is meant to represent whipped cream.

First cover the roll of tape, or alternatively a cap if you like, with felt. I chose brown felt for the chocolate cake and white felt for the red velvet cake. Red velvet though red on the inside is usually icing with vanilla frosting or cream cheese frosting that is white or pale in color. I used a glue gun for this process. Next, I pipe pom-poms over each cake in a fun pattern. Kids will need adult supervision for this craft because they use a hot glue gun.

Above is a red velvet pom pom cake decorated with white felt, pom poms and silver and red beads
Chenille stems.

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