Craft a very sweet sticker wreath…

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This simple paper wreath is hanging
Our doll house at Easter time.

A wreath, like the one shown here, when made from paper and stickers, is a simple project any young child would make. All you need is some decorative paper, cardboard, white school glue and some festive stickers.

I found a yellow chick sticker made of felt for this version of the wreath. The posters were “sweet” and the flowers were in the trash drawer at home; Dumped inside for anyone’s use.

Then I choose the paper that has matching colors for the labels. This makes the overall look of the wreath as if it was made together.

The outer ring for wall hanging is more dimensional because I cut a cardboard wreath on it sandwich between the sheets.

Don’t forget to tape or staple a ribbon from the top of your poster wreath to hang it securely inside the dollhouse.

April Song by Helen Rosengren (11 years old)

Spring is coming, spring is coming!
Sparrows, build your nest!
They weave straw and feathers together,
Do whatever you can.

Spring is coming, spring is coming,
Flowers are coming too.
Lilies, hyacinths, daffodils
Now they are coming.

Spring is coming, spring is coming!
All around, it’s fair,
flicker and tremble on the river,
Joy is everywhere!

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