Craft your own clothespin dads!

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Clothespin Daddy dolls in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

For this craft, I will be showcasing the family’s cross-dressing dads/dads wearing relatively contemporary outfits that will also include a variety of skin tones and ages. The shirts are unbuttoned and the trouser legs are painted. Gather small scraps of fabric for the bow ties and tiny beads for Dad’s wooden shirt buttons.

Details include, yarn and wig batting,
Small buttons, ties, collars, and beards.

Support list:

  • Wooden clothespins
  • The white glue is sticky
  • Mini Clothespin Doll Stands (Wooden Parts)
  • Various acrylic paints
  • Decorative leaves (small prints, plaids, stripes and solids)
  • Fur and yarn for hair
  • Chenille stems
  • Several cotton balls
  • flimsy carton (cereal box)
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
These dads are clothespins
It’s very easy to make.

Step by step instructions:

  • First paint the flesh of the clothespin doll’s head in any color of your choice. I’ve made six samples here to show more variety in looks.
  • From the waist or hip down, paint your father’s legs with clothespins in the color of his pants.
  • From the waist or hip up, use white glue to screw up his scrapbook paper shirt.
  • Now roll out the cotton balls to cover the lengths of chenille stem(s) you will need for the clothespin arm or arms.
  • Spread a small amount of white school glue along the stem of the chenille and proceed to layer small amounts of the cotton over it while smoothing the cotton down. Rub this covered wire between your palms to give it a nice, even coating.
  • Take a nail or screw and poke a small hole in either side of the clothespin exactly where it will insert a wire arm wrapped in cotton.
  • Now cut out the decorative sleeves from the printed scrapbook paper and stick them on the arms to make the sleeves. Leave a small section of the wire exposed to paint with skin-coloring acrylic.
  • Cut small hoops out of crisp white cardboard and stick them around parents’ necks or necks with clothespins.
  • Glue on a bow tie or straight tie.
  • Glue on the seed bead buttons.
  • Cut out the straps and glue them on
  • Now draw the features of the clothespin doll’s face and glue beards and hair.
  • For the elderly father, you may want to wrap a small piece of wire in a pair of glasses as well!
More details, a tie, a red beard and a drier wig …

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