The Wooden Doll Craft Index

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Just a few examples of dolls included in our wooden collections below.

Wooden dolls come in all shapes and sizes. In this index I will be listing all of our wooden doll crafts as they are published as well as stories, poems and links to related content…

Read about some of the history of wooden dolls:

  1. Wooden dolls from Poland
  2. Robert Raikes Wooden Doll Named “Abigail”
  3. Nutcracker dolls
  4. Antique wooden peg dolls
  5. Schoenhut dolls, games and piano
  6. Kachina dolls
  7. Matryoshka dolls
  8. Early English wooden dolls 1650-1700
peg doll crafts:
  • Little Peg Dolls paint like Nina Norway …

Nut head dolls:

  • Miss Hickory craftswoman in her cotton dress
  • Some people’s thread from Art Education Daily

craft laundry doll:

  1. Cowboy clothespin craft is ready to rope!
  2. How to make ballerina dolls with clothespins
  3. DIY Polynesian clothespin dolls
  4. Crafts doll clothespin scout
  5. Make Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls clothespins
  6. Crafting a bride and groom clothespin
  7. DIY bee dolls or wasp clothespins
  8. Learn how to make butterfly dolls with clothespins …
  9. How to craft a clothespin skater doll
  10. How to make a doll using clothespins … – This is a Hetty doll version
  11. Handicrafts Orthodox clergy clothespins
  12. Dads craft your own clothespins!
  13. How to make a cute little monkey out of a clothespin…

Poems and stories about wooden dolls:

  1. Miss Hickory by Caroline S Bailey
  2. Travel the world with Hitty!
  3. The doll’s clothes were designed by Camilla J. Knight
  4. A Wooden Doll’s Life by Louis Saxby, 1903
  5. A Doll’s Journey by Louisa M. Alcott
  6. Sewing doll by Amelia de Wolfgers
  7. The Wooden Doll by Edith Campbell
  8. The most beautiful one
  9. hidden house

YouTube video by Budding Artists:

  • Sabrina shows viewers how to make a clothespin doll
  • Do It Yourself: Basic Clothes Pin Dolls Easy Dibs tutorial on dolls
Coloring the wooden dolls:
  • These wooden pulley dolls look very suspicious…

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