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I’ve participated in Lifebook many times and one of the best parts is getting to discover new teachers whose styles and styles you love. Many of them have Etsy shops and you know I love supporting independent artists.

Handy online magazine by Nellie Wurtman

ONLINE VIDEO TUTORIALS CLASS by artist Nellie Wortman’s video tutorials

This is a sweet gem of a book. It fits in the palm of your hands. There is something magical about being able to keep something this small.

There is something to be said, to holding a piece of art that you have created, that captures memories or moments that you want to revisit again and again.

In this class, Nelly will study the following:

  • How do you create a book this big?
  • Her thought process in creating and selecting the items in this book
  • Add paints and inks to create the look on the pages
  • How to sew the pages into the spine and create the look of the canvas
  • Make a cover from the fabric

Click here to purchase this chapter.

Angela Kennedy Art

I actually became aware of Angel’s work from Instagram @PennyStamper because she was teaching the same class I was taking and I found her via hashtags. I instantly fell in love with her style on girls. You can recognize them instantly. On her Etsy shop she is
It offers original art paintings, illustrations, art postcards, prints, posters, and magnets as well as online art lessons that you can do at your own pace.

This class is on my list to take.

Lively Watercolor Lesson Online

This chapter is from the Art for Earth 2021 course. In the chapter, it provides downloadable videos with step-by-step instructions on how to create the painting as shown.

Isn’t it awesome!?!?!

Click here to purchase and you will have immediate access.

I also love the online Etsy chapter of Rapunzel Watercolor

This chapter is from the Ever After course. In this Etsy class, Angela provides downloadable videos with step-by-step instructions on how to create the board as shown. There is also a video of the development of the technique. Once paid, you’ll find the video, Facebook class links, PDF, and supply list in the instant download. There is also a Facebook group to share your progress with other classmates and answer any questions.

Click here for immediate access.

The painting at the top of this page was drawn by me in the class of Laly Mille’s Soulful Abstract. All of her courses are great.

Sarah Tromp is an artist and yoga instructor

Sarah Trump He is a heart-centered Yuji, an eccentric artist, and a love-centered human being. She totally believes in the power of laughter and not taking yourself too seriously along with the power of deep empathy and compassion for all beings that orbit this space ball.

Sarah lives in the rural prairie of New York in a house decked out in skeletons with her nerdy kids, soccer husband, and little dog Derby. She is a part-time volunteer firefighter, part-time volunteer librarian, part-time yoga instructor, full-time artist, collects fountain pens and watercolors, collects fountain pens and skulls, and has a stencil collection that could fill a small boat (if things suddenly scaled in boats).

Speaking of stencils, she sells her unique stencils on Etsy for your mixed media, starting a revolution, art journal blogging, Witchy or yoga projects.

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