DIY a Valentine mailbox shaped like a hot air balloon!

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This mailbox is designed for
Catch the letters inside the basket!

Making this Valentine’s Day mailbox looks harder than it actually is. You can see pictures below on how to get started with hot air balloon formation. I started with a foam ball but you may choose to start with an egg shape instead. This will delete one of the steps (6.) from the instructions below.

Support list:
  • Red and white threads plus a smaller amount of tan colored threads
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • white school glue
  • Small recycled plastic bottle for basket
  • Four toothpicks
  • masking tape
  • Newsprint or tissue paper
  • Styrofoam ball
  • 1 cotton ball
  • Red and white paper, one sheet each
  • Recycled White Mesh Garlic Mesh Bag
  • cardboard scrap

Step by step instructions:

  1. Cut a small plastic “basket” for the hot air balloon out of a recycled bottle and cover it inside and out with duct tape.
  2. Stick a toothpick firmly in the glue and stick them at an equal distance from each other around the circumference of the open end of the bottle basket.
  3. Insert the opposite ends of the toothpick through a foam ball and stick it in place. Wait for the glue to dry completely.
  4. Wrap the plastic basket with red and white string using glue to keep it in place. I start a final piece of thread with a bit of hot glue and then use white glue to adhere the rest of the thread.
  5. Wrap the toothpicks with thread as well.
  6. I crushed extra tissue to enlarge the shape of my Valentine’s mailbox balloon before unwrapping it with red foil.
  7. Then I wrapped the recycled garlic mesh bag around that balloon while it was still damp.
  8. Trim off the excess grid at the bottom.
  9. You may need to use a threaded needle to cut the net and fold it around the base of the balloon.
  10. Next, take a string and wrap it in four places up over the tied balloon, twist it neatly and stick it in place with the four toothpicks wrapped in it.
  11. Wrap additional alternate color threads at the top of the toothpicks around the four connection spots on the balloon.
  12. Add decoration for sandbags.
  13. Make small sandbags using pieces of cotton batting sandwiched between masking tape to make the details.
  14. Hot glue sandbags to the basket.
  15. Braid a piece of twine and hot glue it to the top edge of the plastic basket to hide the joints.
  16. Cut a small tube for the underside of the balloon, cover it with red foil, and push it into the Styrofoam ball with white glue. This is a skirt or scoop of a hot air balloon.
  17. Decoupage the hot air balloon basket liner page with white paper and white school glue.
  18. Make a flag garland that wraps around a balloon using twine and triangular pieces of paper. Glue this on with a little hot glue.
On the left, I started the basic shape of the balloon.
Well, here I’m starting to add leads.

You can vote for this Valentine’s Day mailbox entry in the comment box below, if you like. It would be interesting to see if people/kids on the internet judge our Valentine’s Day doll mailbox contest the same way the kids do in our house.

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