Surreal Wolds in Beautiful Illustrations

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I like not picking on surreal art, I’m not automatically sure what’s going on.

John Carling is one of those artists who make surrealism and fantasy a wonderful place full of action and adventure, for its inhabitants to live in.

I like to look at art steeped in surreal subject matter. Then I wait for the characters inside, to start suggesting a story. Why are they there? what are they doing etc.

Carling’s work is precise in its expression. An initial look of simplicity is swapped almost immediately with one of sophistication and a layer of meaning.

For example, the elementary simplicity of the drawing, giving way to the complexity of the execution, see the drawing which I have called: ‘Running Through Obstacles’… the apparent randomness of the linear action, contained entirely outside the trigonometric form, which allows the character access to it. As far as meaning is concerned… that’s just one of the meanings you could attribute to it.

I admit my bias towards this kind of art: I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

note. The pictures were given some titles.

01-Dreaming-of-Levitating-Surreal-Wolds-Drawings-Jon-Carling-www-designstack-co - Dreaming of Levitating

Flutters in a waking dream.

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Nature works its magic.

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strength in spite of obstacles.

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04-Invisible Support- Surreal-Wolds-Drawings-Jon-Carling-www-designstack-co

Hidden support of the city. essential workers.

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05-the-flying-or-swimming-surreal graphics-walds-john-carling-www-designstack-co

Do you fly or swim? In this world there is no difference…

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Game maker creativity.

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night flights.

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08- drawing-surreal-life-wolds-john-carling-www-designstack-co

create life.

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harvest time.

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Wonder still exists in a surreal world.

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Life above and below ground.

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12- Enjoying surreal drawings by Walds-John Carling-www-designstack-co

Enjoying the view with a friend…

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