Doll Sized Fruity Porcelain Plates

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There’s just something so charming about small plates, especially pretty sets like this one. Together with the vegetable bowl, it will make an irresistible table.

Left, strawberry. Center, gooseberry. Right, rose hips.

I couldn’t find them in the same place, but I picked up the hand-carved vegetable platter at an estate sale and bone china coasters online. They are all perfectly sized for 18 inch dolls.

This petite sized vegetable bowl is hand carved earthenware from France and so is the bowl.

In the future, I will continue to include more additions to this collection in this post as they are collected or made.

left, blackberry. center, raspberry. Right, blueberries.

More fruity crafts:

Very delicate ceramic dishes with fruit decal centers and gilded rims.

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