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This life-size little doll has an old fashioned head…

This 0-3 month size baby doll can be dressed in real human baby clothes. She has a carved papier-mâché head covered with a piece of cardboard, and Gesso which is then sanded smooth before painting. It’s my “unbreakable” version of a baby doll that I handcrafted in the late 90’s. The back of her head, which is not shown here, is reddish. She wore a christening cap and a Christmas plaid romper, both of which my oldest daughter wore when she was only three months old.
Her eyes and eyebrows are painted and her nose and open mouth are 3D. Only her head is carved by hand. Her body is cloth and her arms and legs are purchased from vinyl doll parts.

Left, profile. Point the center forward. Right, the corresponding image of the “Unbreakable” baby doll.

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