Elegant Bird Printed China for Dolls

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K & A Krautheim Selb Bavaria Germany Bone china coasters make wonderfully formal place settings for the 18″ dolls. You can hang them on the walls of the dolls’ dining room or set up a wonderful table for the dolls to eat at. We’ll collect occasional centerpieces and china to accompany this collection In the future, then I will post versions here for visitors to see.

Left, Eurasian blue tit. Centre, yellow flycatcher. Right, red-breasted eastern blue bird.

Cups make perfect tableware for 18-20″ dolls. These may range from 3 1/2″ to 4″ depending on the company that produces them. The dishes here include birds that start out as patties which are then fired on china in a kiln, and then after the plates are Real and cool golden edge drawing by hand.

Left, goldfinches. Centre, Chaffinches. Brilliant or scarlet macaws.
Carved marble fruits and a dish from Mexico make a festive tropical centerpiece to match the bird dishes!

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