How to assemble a ‘Sunburst’ Twin Rocker…

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Close-up of Sunrise paint, example of Twin Rock paint. True, the puppets are standing with rockers for show
Just the right size for Barbie dolls or Fashionistas.

Again, this clothespin rocker, designed for two, will require those who want to make one like mine, to remove the springs from the clothespins before gluing them together.

I also used thin cardboard to fit both the seat and sunbeam back together before gluing the arms and rocker legs to it. I did not remove this cardboard but covered it with decorative paper. This added support and strength to the rocker. See clearly in the pictures below.

Glue additional wooden skewers between the arms for design details and also, if desired, to stiffen the entire structure.

I painted the twin rocker seat and back using acrylic sunburst colors: red, orange, and yellow.

Check out the photos:

Left, in front of the twin rocker clothespins. Right side view.

The left side of the sunburst design is supported by grain paperboard in an arched shape.
On the right, the underside of the seat is also glued to sturdy but lightweight cardboard
Twin seat power for doll play.

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