DIY An 18″ Doll Suitcase

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This bag is a good size for our doll
clothes! It will even fit
Every American Girl’s favorite doll needs her own bag for the holidays, and we’re no exception! I have recycled A cute little box that transforms a suitcase into something more practical for dolls to pack full of vacation essentials. Plenty of space for changing clothes, as well as hair dryer and swimwear. Then, of course, our dolls will need a toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as various accessories for intimate hygiene.
The supplies you will need to make your own version of this craft include: A suitcase or box in the size and shape you like for your doll travel needs Decorative paper for the lining and outside of the box Mod Podge A handle Lock hole Scraps of felt for the lining Fabric appliqués for the interior Ribbon for trim Hot glue and hot glue gun Needle and thread For some simple sewing.

Step by step instructions:

  1. You will first need to get a box and attach a handle and lock if you can’t find a “suitcase box” for the vehicle. The one I found had handle tape and I had to swap it out for a stronger, more durable plastic one. I found this in a different box and attached it through the original holes where the strap should have started.
  2. The lock was already attached to the lid of my bag and this is the accessory to look for when searching for a vehicle like this. These types of boxes are very cheap at resale and also at dollar stores across the United States
  3. The third step is to wrap both the inside and outside of the bag with decorative paper. I chose to cover the outside of my suitcase with “travel” themed paper that blends in with the pale pink trim I left unaltered.
  4. The inside of the doll bag was already unwrapped with green and white check, so, it was very easy to find fabric with the same print.
  5. I used the fabric to cover with thin felt liners cut out the back and sides of the inside suitcase in order to make the quilted pockets.
  6. I sewed the fabric around the lining using a simple straight hand stitch. Then I glued the pockets in place, leaving slots for clothes and accessories.
  7. Next, I hot-taped it in place to tie it around the clothes and keep it securely inside the suitcase.
  8. I also added a little if tape for the decorative trim on the edge of the larger pocket on the inside of the flap.
On the left, a discarded box resembling a suitcase bought for pennies. center, see
Open the box. Well, I reinstalled a stronger plastic handle.
On the left, coordinating green and white check fabric for added pockets. right cloth
It really matches the interior of the bag.

On the left, I glued the edges of the ribbon and ties to the bag. middle of the pockets
Additional accessories and clothing. Well, see there’s room for a doll toothbrush,
comb, makeup, etc…

On the left, the Tonner doll is getting ready for a holiday. Center, she checks to be sure
She included swimwear and hair dryer. Well, now that she’s full she should
Carry her luggage downstairs to the car and wait for her family to take her to the airport.

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