School Desks for 18″ Dolls

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        As I acquire more examples of desks for doll school, I will include photographs of them in our posting here. I have yet to find the chair that goes with the first desk by Battat. All of the other classroom furnishings are very popular and easily found online. I purchased all of mine at resale for a few dollars each.

Left, Our Generation by Battat home room school desk is made of durable plastic. The desktop is
 brilliant cobalt blue and the lower half is tan. Right the front of the desk is made to be simple and
 sleek; I had a desk like this with a bright orange, modern chair when I was in fourth through
6th grade. This desk is sold in a playset still at Target for $29.99.

Left, The American Girl Truly Me 18″ doll flip-top school desk retails for $65.00 and includes
 school items with it. It has the distinctive star logo cut-out on the back of the chair. Center, see the
 desk from the side. Although the entire desk is manufactured from durable plastic, the legs are
painted to look like real bent metal. Right, the desk comes with a flip-up top and has a clip board
 on the inside. There is also an attached bookcase beneath the desk top. My set is coral, white
and tan. It is also sold with a blue chair and turquoise shelf unit with a white desk top.
Left, an original Pleasant Company school desk for the Molly McIntire Doll. Next, it too has a
desktop that opens for papers, books and school supply storage. Center, the chair swivels and its
legs and rigid chair support are made of metal. Right, the desktop also has an ink well and groove
 for writing instruments. Molly’s desk first sold in 1990 for $60.00 and was then retired in 2011.

Left, the Pleasant Company Victorian school desk for Samantha Parkington is original. Center, it
has a cast iron base with a scroll-work pattern. The desktop and seat are wooden. Right, there is
 a groove at the top for chalk and pencils and an ink well (hole) on the right. Samantha’s desk first
sold for $68.00 in 1990 and was then retired in 2008.

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