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Gorgeous graphics with an abundance of icons mixed in.Indian artist Silvia Mukherjee has a very creative mind and the skills to show it to us. Many of these pictures have great meaning. Sometimes you take a surreal side, when literally expressing an idea. I see her art as the spoken

A page full of amazing pencil pictures.Nastya (Настя) is the talented artist she created. I have named a few celebrities. I get to know some of the others, but I don’t know what the place is like. I think other people are just normal people like you and me. There

Graphics of cool new characters and amazing vintage characters.We present to you another piece of the beautiful work of artist Ursula Dutti. You marry the person in a movie, the music page associated with it, or the show as a whole. There are a lot of good stories and music

Cartoon characters in acrylic painting and more.The following is part of how artist Antoinette defines herself: “⛅ A hobby artist // 🌼 Currently doing college stuff.” Many of these dream-like illustrations seem to represent ethereal colours, exuding a soft fantasy feel. Paintings inspired by various characters, old masters, general concepts

Stories and chance encounters visited by this talented artist.Artist and illustrator Mary Jean Ruhnke uses a mixed media method in her art. Here are a few of the mediums I jotted down: graphite, colored pencils, acrylic paint, gold leaf, etc. An amazing way to combine the best qualities into a

Trace color threads in scribbled drawings.Drawer de touches movies, animals and games in his drawings. His social networking site has more than just this style. However, it is the newest and the most that I am most attracted to. With this style, we usually encounter monochrome graphics, in which the

Explore concepts and ideas in ink illustrations.Deepwhite has created a lot of art that follows many diverse themes. To name a few: movies, magic, architecture, manga, fantasy/surrealism and much more… There are aspects of it, that can be considered frustrating or frustrating. If there were no counterparts in real life,

Beautiful animals find their homes on maps and music sheets.Danish artist Suse Hartung makes all kinds of creatures convenient to appear on various site maps and music sheets. As far as the latter is concerned, I’m sure if these weren’t still pictures, we’d hear them sing and move rhythmically to

A cute mixed media kit for creating imaginative illustrations.Surrealism and symbolism make up a large part of the work of Canadian artist Tre Lo. All kinds of ideas go into each of the images below, which tell a story through illustrations. He calls it “creative drawing”. A photo tutorial covered