Needlepoint Pillows for Your American Girl’s Doll House

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Needlepoint is a type of canvas work, a form of counted thread embroidery in which threads are stitched through a rough open weave canvas. Traditionally, needlepoint designs cover the entire canvas. Although needlepoint can be worked in a wide variety of stitches, many needlepoint designs use only a simple tent stitch and rely on color changes in the yarn to build the pattern. Needlepoint is the oldest form of work on canvas.
The degree of detail in needlework depends on the number of threads of the underlying mesh fabric. Because of the needle’s inherent lack of ductility, common uses include eyeglass cases, holiday decorations, pillows, purses, tapestries, and wall hangings.

She works with red, brown and blue threads and an insect,
A bug, butterfly, pattern, template can be used
Embroidery, cross stitch, embroidery
galloping horse pasture watercolor
bay with black dots,
This was the design
Chart in the year 1800!

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