DIY doll sized patio furniture using clothespins…

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I’ve included a picture of a doll here to give my craftsmanship
An idea of ​​the size of the furniture.

Classic Patio Furniture Clothespins, Bench and Side Chair Painted white after gluing all the wood pieces together with hot glue. See detailed photos below to see how many loose spring pins you will need to make the doll furniture to fit Barbie and her Fashionistas. I also used some wooden skewers to stiffen the pieces made.

As you use hot glue for assembly, remember that even this glue needs time to cure in order to become strong. Pressure during drying will also speed up the hardening of this type of glue.

If you choose to use wood glue instead, you may need to hold the pieces together with clamps during manufacture.

Finish the wood with acrylic paint or primer, a day or two after you’ve glued everything together.

Side armchair side, back and front.

Front-side, front-side, and alternate-side seat.

back and under the seat. Both are reinforced with tongue depressors.

Photo of all chairs, rocker arms and seat made with spring loaded clothespins after the mechanism

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