Restoring a JUNO 5 German Metal Head Doll

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There has always been a discussion among people about getting old things back versus leaving them as they are and to be honest I often fall on the side of the fence where people choose to leave old things alone. When I originally bought the JUNO 5 head, I had no intention of changing its color. However, after discovering that the original paint may actually be lead based, I changed my mind and decided to remove all traces of the previous application.

Above is how I took care of the doll’s head for the first time after I first bought it from an antiques dealer. He was
Do not hang on the stuffed torso. I installed it on a stuffed stump at first so I could handle it
head easily.

Seeing the little ones kissing her cheeks became a nightmare for me and so I embarked on a journey of replacing the paint rather than preserving it.

used cetristrip Over the original paint to remove all traces of lead then apply a coat of gesso to the surface before applying layers of acrylic paint to the metal surface. I got rid of all the items used to remove the paint: the can of liquid, the gloves, the brush, the washcloth – everything. I did all this away from children, outdoors, wearing a mask. After the metal head was completely clear of the original paint, I painted it again with non-toxic, lead-free acrylic paints!

Since the surface was poorly chiselled and uneven, it was necessary for me to fill the recesses and grooves with wood putty and then sand it smooth while applying layers of paint. In the end, the doll came to life for me…

I’m sure there will be people who will object to my decision. Perhaps they will find better reproductions of antique dolls because they are museums to stay under glass apart from curious little hands. . . And then both camps will be satisfied in the end?

I have left the maker’s mark unpainted to those who may adopt it after my death.
But for me and my house. . . Well, the doll must be “reborn”. Ceramic arms are attached
and her legs from a broken doll and then she covered the body of the new cloth with toned cloth
It matches her painted skin.

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