How to make a matchbox bed for a mouse…

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        Here are the craft instructions for the matchbox mouse bed displayed in Rosebud Cottage. It is very easy to make and every little mouse doll
needs a cozy place to sleep. The matchbox is a larger size than most; it ordinarily holds 5000 wooden matches. Although our mouse came with a slipcase bed of her own, it was a little too large for her new home, so we made her a new bed to fit just right into her art studio…
Beatrix mouse posed in her matchbox bed
made especially for her very own mouse

Supply List:

  • one large matchbox empty
  • one acorn for a pillow
  • scrap fabric for the bedding
  • paper covered wire, green like a vine
  • button for trim
  • small amount of batting
  • decorative scrapbook paper
  • white school glue
  • hot glue gun and glue

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. For this little mouse bed, you will only need to use the ‘drawer’ part of the large matchbox. So remove this and cover all of it’s parts with a decorative paper, layering Mod Podge on top to give the bed a durable surface. 
  2. Next, cover the wire with white glue and green paper if it is not already in this state prior to working with it.
  3. Now bend the wire into a headboard for the bed. You can make any design you like or copy the one shown in the photos below. Use more wire to secure connections between the bent areas. These are obvious in the pictures because they are wrapped with brown wire.
  4. Paint the wire head board as you go if it pleases you. This one has been left green to look like a vine.
  5. Bend approximately 1/2 inch of the wire frame to attach just beneath the edge of the bed and hot glue the headboard onto the back and bottom of the matchbox to hold everything in place.
  6. Sew and stuff a little pillow for your doll mouse to rest her head on. 
  7. Cut a fabric scrap blanket to keep her warm at night and collect a small acorn to display as a ‘natural’ sort of pillow.
Left, side view of Beatrix’s matchbox bed. She has an acorn for a decorative pillow. Right, the 
view of her ‘vine-like’ headboard from behind.

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