What is Inside Nanea Doll’s Family Market Set?

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“Pono’s Market” is a family business in Hawaii where your very own Nanea doll can help stock the shelves, run the register, wipe the counters, clean/sweep the floor, and wait for customers.

Accessories within Nanea’s Family Market, “Pono’s Market”: Our own versions of these crafts will be linked to what is published…

  • Sales counter
  • Poster advertising signs
  • Large orange cash register (1940’s type)
  • window display unit
  • 3 Liz dolls (orange, pink, yellow)
  • 2 pine apples
  • 2 burlap bags of rice
  • 2 types of sandals with shoe holder
  • Price tags and card holders
  • “Open” and “Closed” tags
  • Postcards from Hawaii (5 versions in sets of 3)
  • Postcard rack rotates
  • 3 cans of pineapple slices
  • 6 packets of SPAM
  • 5 boxes of macadamia nuts
  • Traditional Hawaiian tassels
  • Coconut shell purse
  • Paper money
  • Labels for plastic product boxes “pineapple”
  • Two newspapers about America going to war
  • Set of Dragon Fruit (hot pink and green)
  • Yellow and green cluster of dragon fruit
  • Lavender and green set of mango
  • Hawaiian souvenir plate with stand
  • 3 brown paper bags with the market logo

Nanea Family Market Reviews:

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