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The finished front and back of my eldest daughter’s dollhouse/art supply storage and display.
The dollhouse sits on top of a rubber turntable to that it may be turned for the display of the 
dollhouse when the supplies are not needed. She keeps it on top of a waist height, cupboard 
in her room. 

        This dollhouse purchased from a thrift shop was transformed into a kind of shelving unit for my eldest daughter’s art supplies. A mouse named Beatrix, after one of her favorite artists/authors of children’s books, lives in the studio apartment above the supply shelf!  

       And just like her landlord, Beatrix is also an artist who loves to paint watercolors of simple small things like: acorns, flowers, mushrooms and bugs. 

       Small creatures sometimes visit Beatrix at her “Art Bar” to learn how to be creative themselves and trade stories about the latest news from other dolls that reside in the community below in our toy room.

She originally swore that none of this project would be painted pink . . . and then this paint job 
happened. I love the painted green tile roof the best! However, the pink is appropriate for a 
cottage called ‘Rosebud Cottage,’ don’t you think?


Most of the items included inside and out were handmade by my daughter.

Detailed Photos of The Interior

Left, a matchstick box decoupaged with vintage paper. It also has a wire shaped headboard. 
Center, painted block dollhouse and painted, folk heart needlepoint.
Right, a handmade easel using skewers with tiny clamp and decorative tags.

Left, a stool or bedside table made with driftwood and skewers glued together; this is where
Beatrix sets her  teacup and saucer. Next to the crude table is her charming little ‘chair’ made
 from driftwood  and a wooden spool. Right, is a rustic wire ‘willow’ wreath trimmed with
tiny petals, leaves and a bumble bee charm. Learn more about bees here.

Left, the winding staircase painted brown to match the Popsicle stick floors.
Center, a tiny basket at the foot of the mouse bed has a tiny thimble charm and spool of thread.
Right, Beatrix’s art supplies include a set of watercolors with artist palette, brushes and box. Her
easel displays instructions for painting pansies; behind this is a roll of mouse sized canvases
and bobbie pin stored together inside of a jam jar.

Left, tiny clay critters; an earth worm, snail, toadstool and wooden stump are all made from
Sculpey oven-bake clay and painted. A tiny bee skep made by twisting yarn and glueing the edge
together.  Center, tiny lace curtains hung on a toothpick ‘curtain rod.’ Right, little woven piece of
fabric with hemmed edges serves as a cozy rug for Beatrix feet to land on in the morning.

Left, the front of a folk cupboard with tiny sewing machine. Center, the backside of the same
cupboard painted to look antique. You can see that this piece was constructed with Popsicle sticks.
Right, tiny bolts of fabric for the enthusiastic mouse seamstress.

Detailed Photos of The Exterior

Left, a miniature doll hose with reel and metal fittings was purchased and
also the white picket fence.

Left, the gingerbread trim has hand painted rose designs. Center, the wire wheelbarrow was 
purchased at a hobby store. Right, handpainted spool stools for visitors to the ‘art bar’
at Rosebud Cottage.

Left, a miniature birdbath purchased from The Dollar Store was repainted and marble added to it’s
center. Center, tiny painted toadstools made from wood were also purchased last autumn from the
same craft store. These are glued to the surface of the dollhouse base. Right, potted, peach colored,
silk flowers arranged on the front porch.

Left, The handmade trellis directions are included on this blog here. The birdhouse was
sculpted from clay and then mounted to a skewer. Center, her Beatrix mouse doll was designed
by Levlos. Right, is the dormer window; my daughter added the windowsill and purchased the
tiny, clay flower boxes at a local hobby shop.

Left, ‘Beatrix’s Art Bar’ sign with rustic painted frame and lace detail. Center, ‘The Rosebud Cottage
 has it’s own sign with rosebud painted detail. Right, the counter top at the art bar is a faux painted
biscuit; beneath it are the spool stools for guests to sit on and learn how to paint from
 Beatrix the mouse.

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