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Millie Benson.

Nancy’s drawing is a fictional character who appears in several American mystery book series, films, video games, and television shows as a teenage amateur detective. books are ghost Six different authors and published under a collective pseudonym Caroline Keene. Made by the publisher Edward Stratemeyer as his counterpart Hardy Boys series, the character first appeared in the 1930’s Mystery Nancy Drew Stories The series, which ran until 2003 and consisted of 175 novels.

Mildred Augustine Wirt Benson (July 10, 1905 – May 28, 2002) was an American journalist and writer of children’s books. She wrote the most famous Nancy Drew mysteries and created the adventurous detective character from 1929 to 1947. She contributed 23 of the first 30 Nancy Drew mysteries, which were bestsellers. (listed below)
Although Nancy Drew was created by Stratemeyer, who provided Benson with the index card thumbnail drawings, Benson made Nancy into a brave, spunky character, with a daring and adventurous spirit. Beginning in 1959, Harriet Stratemeyer Adams revised and updated the Nancy Drew books written by Benson.

Benson never expected the books to be so popular but she knew, as she was writing them, that she was writing something girls would love because the heroine was so unusual for her time. She said, “I always knew the series was going to be a hit. I never expected it to be the blockbuster it was. I’m glad I had such an impact on people.”

Nancy Drew Books by “Caroline Keene” aka Millie Benson:

  1. The secret of the old clock
  2. Hidden staircase
  3. Cottage puzzle
  4. Mystery at Lilac Inn
  5. Shadow farm secret
  6. Secret of the Red Gate Ranch
  7. The guide is in the diaries
  8. key break locket
  9. The message is in the hollow oak
  10. The secret of ivory magic
  11. Whisperer statue
  12. haunted bridge
  13. Heel tapping guide
  14. The secret of the copper stem
  15. A mystery in the moss-covered mansion
  16. Find the lost map
  17. The clue is in the gem box
  18. The secret is in the old attic
  19. The evidence is in the collapsed wall
  20. The Secret of the Flying Bell
  21. The clue is in the old album
  22. Blackwood Ghost Hall
  23. Velvet Mask Guide

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